Cab Door Numbers and Identifiers


USDOT numbers

USDOT numbers decals are used on vehicles which are transporting goods across state lines. These are Federally regulated licenses.

If your vehicle carries a US DOT number, and is based in California, it also requires a Motor Carrier Permit (CA number) issued by the state. (See CA NUMBERS decals section for that information).

You must ALSO include the COMPANY NAME lettering with the company listed on the truck registration. The name must also be clearly visible, but can be created with fonts having more design to them, such as BRUSH SCRIPT or CATANEO. If your name is difficult to read, you could get a ticket.

If you are driving a TRACTOR CAB, that information needs to be clearly visible on each side. You can place the information on the door or on the sleeper sides. If you are driving a BOX/STRAIGHT truck, you would need to have the identifying numbers on the cab doors or on the front lower corners of the box, and the name can be either above the numbers on the cab doors, or on the sides of the box only.

If you are hauling a trailer, you must have your company registered name vinyl decals lettering and the US DOT numbers decals on the tractor, regardless of what is on the trailer.

USDOT numbers are normally required to be clearly visible from 50 ft. away in a high contrast color to the background of the vehicle. To that end, we recommend using a 2" (TWO INCH) size BOLD text, preferably in a font that is easy to read such as ARIAL BOLD, CENTURY GOTHIC, COOPER, or TIMES NEW ROMAN BOLD.

We also recommend using a dark color on a white or light colored vehicle, and a light or pastel color on a dark vehicle.

For that reason, we have on our site's Custom lettering page, the ability to show you what your text would look like in whichever font you choose on whatever background color matches your truck. You will have a large selection of colors to choose from.

To go to the US DOT Federal Regulations site for forms and information, CLICK HERE.